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Bird or Bobs !!

Bird or Bobs !!


Bird or Bobs!!

Size: 100 x100cm



Introducing Bird or Bobs, a stunning 100 x 100cm portrait celebrate the beauty of the individual.  This one is for purchase or........


Extra idea

If you fancy your own pair of bobs commision. Kimberley can help create a custom  self portrait in any colour and any size. A great way to celebrate your beauty. 


This unique idea is finished in a beautfuil  white tray frame.  A bold modern touch to any space. Whether you choose a vibrant or subtle color scheme, this portrait is the perfect way to showcase your beauty, personality and style.


*Room set image above  for illustation purposes only*


Collection from de Garis Designs Art Gallery 28 High Street Botley Southampton SO302EA. Delivery can be arranged if required. Please call if you wish to have a delivered and we will arrange a quotation. 

Only 1 left in stock
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