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I have a deep love for flowers—their vibrant colours, diverse textures, captivating scents, and the happiness they bring to the world. My inspiration is drawn from the picturesque English countryside: from the charming hedges, enchanting wildflower meadows, and serene bluebell woods, to the delightful blooms cultivated in local flower farms around Winchester and South Downs. Additionally, the soft pinks found in the Isles off Scilly's influence my choice of colours.

In my floral paintings, I express myself freely. While they may not always depict realistic interpretations of specific flowers, they reflect the emotions and hues inspired by these natural beauties. Often, I immerse myself in music while painting, which further enriches and influences the layers of my floral collections.

To create a custom piece, feel free to visit our gallery to meet Kimberley, the artist, or book a one-on-one meeting where Kimberley can come to your home, take measurements, and design a feather painting specifically suited to your space.

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