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The Splash Collection is my favorite and ongoing series of artworks. It has become quite popular and adorns many walls. This collection captures the freedom of acrylic pour techniques against a textured painted background, resulting in beautifully layered surfaces.

I always have a selection of these pieces displayed in the gallery, but they tend to sell quickly. It's worth visiting the gallery regularly because this collection changes weekly as new pieces replace the ones that have been sold. Additionally, I am happy to create commissioned pieces in this style, allowing you to choose your preferred colours and sizes. Typically, our splash paintings are large, around 100cm by 150cm, 160cm, or 200cm, making them perfect for making a bold statement.

I envision these artworks in open-plan spaces such as kitchens, lounges, and hallways, where they can really command attention. They also work exceptionally well in commercial settings like offices and hotels, where you can create a striking display with a variety of pieces in different colours.

To create a custom piece, feel free to visit our gallery to meet Kimberley, the artist, or book a one-on-one meeting where Kimberley can come to your home, take measurements, and design a feather painting specifically suited to your space.




New w`ave splash.jpg
New 2024 Splash collection.jpg
Kitchen Room Commision.jpg
wave collection.jpg
Green waterfall 2022.jpg
new splash painting.jpg
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