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Seascapes are always something that inspires me; the colors can be out of this world. Mother Nature has a way of painting the sea with such wonderful colours. I draw most of my inspiration from my island adventures—the Isles of Scilly in Cornwall, the Isle of Wight, and the Jurassic Coast—where you'll often find me in my spare time. My collection of seascapes captures moments in time and imagined spaces inspired by the things I've seen. I love painting seascapes that convey meaning and emotion. I also enjoy painting your favorite seascapes and locations, so I welcome commissions and ideas for new works.

In my paintings, I focus on creating textures using acrylic paints, employing vibrant colours, soft pastels, and a sea-inspired colour palette. These elements enhance the depth and feeling of the seascapes, bringing them to life on canvas. Below are samples of my seascapes to date.

To create a custom piece, feel free to visit our gallery to meet Kimberley, the artist, or book a one-on-one meeting where Kimberley can come to your home, take measurements, and design a feather painting specifically suited to your space.


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