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Are you looking for a unique piece of art to add to your home? 

Our bespoke pieces are all about tailoring art to fit you like a glove. Your preferences, your style – let's create something that screams “you." We're not just here to make your walls look pretty. We're here to make a statement – a bold one. 

Commissioning a piece of artwork is an excellent way to gain insight into an artist's creative process and establish a collaborative relationship. By working together, we can bring your unique vision to life and create a one-of-a-kind piece for your home or office. As an artist, I am committed to providing a professional and personalised experience for each of my clients. We are happy to work with certain colours, photographs, swatches and any other references you may wish to include in the painting.


Cost of commissions vary subject to size, time and materials call now to book a meeting at gallery or home visit or even zoom if your feeling fancy.

Case Sudy 1.jpg

A warm welcome at the gallery

Step One:

Come to the gallery and say hello collect ideas and have a chat about your space. If you like a few and can't decided no problem we can bring the art to your space for you to see size scale and colours. We have a table full of colour swatches to assist you with designing art with Kimberley.



Step Two:

Book a meeting with Kimberley the artist. At your home or art gallery. Book your slot in my diary. You will also receive a quotation at this point. There is a 50% upfront non-refundable fee on some projects 100% is required upfront.

Creative Design

Step Three:

After first meeting we can offer test boards for your approval or we can get stuck straight in to the painting your choice. 

Step Four:

We keep you in the loop as we paint. After painting finished we deliver straight to you. Turn around time will vary subject to bookings and the request of the commission. 

Over 90%
of our art works are commissions

Case Study Holywell Bay Cornwall

To create a seascape in an abstract modern manor which reflects Holywell Bay Cornwall National Trust site. Located north Cornish coast with beautiful views and large dunes and sandy shore. Sunset vibes. Bold bright colours selected by client to go in white frame on neutral background. The location is of importance as it is the location where couple got engaged. This will also be first piece of art in their brand new build family home.

Commision art for your home.jpg

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